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Remove Business Bad Reviews From Google

Secure Online Brand is a platform where every bad review can be brushed off and a good status can be created. Reputation is everything for a business. Now creating good name for a company and its products has become easier with the help of various online methods. Though this can sound exciting, if this method is not used in the right way then the reputation can also fall drastically. Therefore, we are here to help you with this and provide you with the best of Online Reputation Management.

  • Removal Steps:

    Respond to the review

    Request customer to edit or delete their Google review

    If It is a Fake review? Respond anyway — then ask Google for help

    Flag the review

How to delete a negative review on Google?

Negative reviews on Google can make you feel as though you are wearing a Scarlet letter everywhere you go. Feelings of shame over your first negative review are understandable. It should not serve as a time for hiding out in your closet. Bad reviews happen, to everyone. Your first 2-star review could be well-deserved, it might be competitor sabotage, but it is never the end of times. We always tell our customers here, addressing customer feedback head-on is the best way to strengthen and protect your online reputation.

  1. How to delete Google Review?: For one before starting up with Google reviews, should have full knowledge about how to delete Google review. Therefore, we are here to help you with this and provide you with the best of Online Reviews Management. Though one can easily remove Google review / remove negative reviews from Google that a customer might have given during a situation or dealing. Hence maintaining a good market brand in market, it is not necessary for one to know how to delete Google review or if rightly said how to delete a negative review on Google. Though anyone with a Google account can edit or delete a review they have written. But your customers might not know how exactly they can do this. Here’s how,

  2. Customer opens Google Maps on their computer or device.
  3. In the top left, click Menu (3 horizontal lines).
  4. Look for Your contributions, click, and then choose Reviews.
  5. Next to their review of your business, click More (3 dots).
  6. Choose an option (edit or delete) and follow the instructions.
How to remove personal information from search results ?

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